Drink Holders

Drink Holder mechanism open
Drink Holder
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Drink Holder for 1 1/8″ – 1 1/4″
stanchion/binnacle. (This one
requires screwdriver to install)

United Yachting’s Drink Holder holds your drink to a 1 inch diameter binnacle, stanchion, or railing (7/8″ adapter available on request). The Drink Holder swings side to side. Its easy on/easy off snap on attachment is secured by just a few turns of a knob. It can go where
you go – stern, bow, and at the helm. Also ideal for guests. It can be left out or stowed when not in use.

The Drink Holder has been shaped to hold a variety of drink containers
such as cans, most water bottles,drinking cups, and mugs. The Drink
Holder even accommodates both left and right side entry for the mug
handles. It is built to last. The Drink Holder is made with a UV protected
toughened nylon with all stainless steel hardware. Made in USA.



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